What You Should Know About Farm Produce and Farm Equipment Rental

Using the farm produce and farm equipment rental that aid farmers’ production process is important. Most people do not give much thought to the food set on their tables each day. Because of the availability, convenience and ease with which items are gotten from the market and supermarket, we seldom pay any heed of thought to the origin of such consumables. Yes, meal preparation is most usually done carefully and thoughtfully, but how many food consumers really consider the farms or farmers responsible, one way or the other, for their filled stomachs? That number will probably be below average.

This article, thus, discusses farm produce/products, as well as the rentals of farm equipment that aid the farmer’s production process. The article will be valuable to intending farmers, and will also teach clueless consumers about what goes into the meals they get to consume daily.


To begin with, what are farm produce or products?

Farm produce or products are crops and/or livestock that are cultivated on farms. In essence, crops are cultivated plants, grown for food or clothing. Also, livestock is animals raised for food. Major farm produce is maize, cotton, milk, beef, cassava, etc.

A considerable number of years ago, farming seemed to be a simple job for a simple man. At the time, farmers were able to produce enough food to sustain the steadily growing population of societies. However, due to rapid population growth, the situation has changed.

Today, world hunger affects 815 million people out of a world population of 7billion. This means that hunger affects 11% of the global population. More so, there is the fact that climate change is also adversely affecting natural resources; thereby meddling with the food production process.

Faced with increasing global hunger, which is the world’s primary problem, farmers are now burdened to increase the production of more food but with fewer resources. This is the focal point where a simple crop production enterprise evolves into a complex business that needs efficient and sustainable management.

For a farm to be productive, make a good profit and, at the same time, be sustainable, the farmers would have to know how to carefully manage the smallest details in crop production. This includes making big management choices, like choosing whether or not to rent or to buy farm machinery, farming equipment, and other agro-investments.


Having so noted, we move on to farm equipment and rentals.

Having the proper and adequate farm machinery is already half of the work completed.

Farming has ceased to be a simple job. Farming, today, requires both hard and smart work. This is why the necessary farm equipment and machinery are important. Today, farmers can make use of diverse equipment, production facilities, farming tools, and other kinds of innovative aids to increase crop production.

For instance, for soil preparation, the farmer would need ploughs, discs, and harrows.

For sowing or planting, the farmer would need sowing or planting tractors.

For crop protection, the farmer needs to use agricultural sprayers.

For the management of crop nutrients, the farmer would need to make use of fertilizer spreaders.

For crop maintenance, the farmer needs the use of mowers, soil cultivators, a working irrigation system, and protection nets.

And finally, for harvesting, the farmer does well to make use of harvesters.

Nonetheless, though it is well known that these farm machinery are incredibly important and very useful, they can cost quite a lot.

Purchasing farm machinery is a serious capital commitment, which can have a major impact on the finances of a farmer’s business that isn’t too buoyant. Thus, in most cases, it’s more prudent to rent farm equipment than to risk the high and, most definitely, long-term commitment and investment that comes with buying farm machinery or equipment.

Before making important decisions in farm management, the most vital thing is to be entirely aware of the situation of the farm and also your finances. The decision to either purchase or rent farm machinery will most likely depend on the following questions:


  • How much will it cost to either buy or rent the specific machinery, farming tool, or any other kind of farm machinery?


  • Can the farmer, in his or her financial state, really afford any long term investment?


  • What farm machinery is needed during the whole farm season and which one is only needed periodically?


  • Are you sure you are ready for the maintenance and services the equipment would need?


  • Do you have the know-how to operate the equipment?


  • Do you really need the machine or equipment on your farm?


  • Is there a slim chance that you may no longer need this type or size of tool, machinery, or equipment soon enough?


The answers to the questions above would help a farmer decide if he/she should purchase or just rent farm equipment.

Cassava Harvesting at Xtreme Returns Farms

It should be borne in mind that each farmer, just like every crop production, is unique. This is the reason why it’s difficult for anyone to give a one-size-fits-all recommendation on whether a farmer should purchase or rent farm equipment. Nevertheless, keeping the advantages of either purchasing or renting in mind, and also being fully aware of one’s financial situation/needs, the above questions are, most assuredly, a great way for the farmer to make the right decision for his farm.


Also, on the other hand, there are farmers with certain farm tools—either purchased or rented—that have been helpful. For them, it’s very crucial to track their farm machinery usage to ascertain whether their intending decision to either buy or rent the farm machinery is the right choice.


A major tool that can assist a farmer in making the right decisions is the Xtreme returns farms website (http://www.xtremereturns.com). This website offers diverse pieces of training that a wide range of farm practices and amazing deals on farm equipment rental. This way, a farmer can make the best decision for his farm and his finances.


Having a clear insight into farm equipment usage and the cost required to purchase, rent and maintain, helps the farmer easily conclude on either the rental or purchase of farm equipment. In the same way, the farmer can decide whether to keep purchased equipment/machinery or sell it off and rent instead.


Xtreme Returns Farms offers affordable farm equipment rental services to farms and agro-allied enterprises to help them enhance their farm operations and yields. The farm Machinery portfolio of Xtreme Returns includes tractors, harrows, ploughs, and planters.


If you are having any difficulties with making this decision, follow this link to http://www.xtremereturns.com to help you make the right choice most suited for your need.

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