Farm Training

Training for farm businesses

At Xtreme Returns Farms, we offer hands-on training to those who are about to venture into agribusiness as well as those who wish to update their knowledge, improve their processes or scale their farm operations.

Our training modules are practical, well-resourced and professionally dispensed by Agric experts with a combined 50 years plus field experience.

Some of our training areas are listed below:

The Master Maize Farmer is a training that focuses on how help trainees turn their interests in planting maize into a highly profitable business.

The Pro Cassava-Farmer Training is unique as it not only teaches you how to plant cassava, but also exposes you to the other factors affecting your yield.

The ‘Rich’ Plantain Farmer Training is aimed at repositioning established plantain farms and establishing new ones with expert knowledge and practices.

The Smart Fish Farmer Training is tailored to help clear doubts about the profitability of fish farming and the perception of fish farming as a
demeaning job.

The Smart Poultry Farmer Training is the ONLY training that is not restricted to just the basics of poultry farming.

The Pig Farming Advancement Training will not only teach you how to deal with the challenges that come with piggery, it will also avail you the best way to rear pigs to multiply your litter.

In a clime where the primary produce from the soil does not make for much cheer, except you add value to it by processing into a semi-finished or finished product, it is a smart move to begin a business in Agroprocessing.

The Pro Goat Farmer Training walks you through the different aspects of goat rearing and how to deal with the challenges associated with it.

If Nigeria harnessed its market share in palm oil, cocoa, peanuts, and cotton, today these commodities would yield at least $10 billion per year.This is why our Farm training program Nigeria is beneficial for farmers.

British colonial policy in Nigeria was largely shaped by economic considerations, inspired by the Industrial Revolution in Britain, during which British industries required more raw materials. Until that time, there was an urgent need to obtain the resources of other lands to sustain the British economy. This shows that if we put our minds to it, we can be a self-sustaining nation. Farm training program Nigeria proves that this country can move forward in the field of farming. Let us show you how.

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