Fish Farming

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Course Introduction

Many individuals and business owners have jumped in and out of fish
farming for one reason and one reason only… inadequate information.
Just like any other venture, information is crucial to helping you make the right decisions that will in turn result in profits.

Would you like to make your own money from fish farming?

Do you love to know about the fish business before venturing into it?

Would you like to discover new knowledge about fish farming?

Then this course fits your needs perfectly!
Most individuals no longer waste time searching for white collar jobs as
there are countless highly profitable businesses out there, one of which is
Fishery/Fish farming. But it is not enough to just plough your hard-earned
money into a business venture without fully understanding how it works,
that is why it is highly recommended that you take steps in the direction of
becoming an expert fish farmer.

This training will undoubtedly benefit you in that:

  • You will become skilled in fishery.
  • You will be confident to start your fish business by acquiring the requisite skills to make the business grow and be profitable.
  • Eyewitnesses of your success in the fishery business will be inclined to follow your lead in starting up fishery business.

Our facilitators will teach you ways of becoming an expert farmer through practical and theoretical means. It is our belief that knowledge gained from this course will help you to generate mouth-watering income

The Smart Fish Farmer Training is tailored to help clear doubts about the profitability of Fish farming training Nigeria and the perception of fish farming as a demeaning job. You will be intimated on the enticing benefits you stand to gain from being a fish farmer if you play your cards right.

The first part of the course walks you through the general knowledge of fishery, the things you need to know and steps to take before you start your own fish farm, how to invest in your fish farm with realistic expectations of profits here in Nigeria and the different types/methods of fish farming depending on the species of fish.

The second part intimates you on the benefits that come with fish farming and everything you need to know about fish feeds and the sizes of feeds to give you catfishes.

Most importantly, in the last part, you will learn how to construct fish ponds and how to manage them efficiently. You will also learn the requirements for starting up a fish farm of your own making.

At the end of this course:
  • You will be a fish farmer who knows his onions and does his business right.
  • You will be able to help other fish farmers get it right in the business.
  • You will also generate more revenue as customers will naturally be attracted to your high-quality fishes.
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Fishery
  • How to Start Fish Farm
  • How to Invest in Fish Farming in Nigeria
  • Types of Fish Farming (Fish Species)
  • Benefits of Fish Farming
  • Feeds: Feeding of Fish in a Fish Farming system
  • Sizes of Feeds for your Cat Fishes
  • Construction of Fish Ponds for Fish Farming
  • What you Need to Get Started in Fish Farming
  • Pond Management
  • Fish Market
Target Audience

This course is recommended for anyone who has an interest in Fish farming
regardless of their level of expertise. Investors interested in the business will
also gain a lot by attending the training.

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