Goat Farming Training

Goat Farming Training


Do you have a goat farm you are looking to scale?

Would you like to have more knowledge about goat farming before you plunge into the business?

Are you seeking a side-business to venture into with the promise of a steady
income and you are considering goat farming?

Still considering your options?

Then read on…

Interestingly, what many may consider a ‘dirty job’ is currently a multi-billion naira venture and is still working its way up!

If you have ever considered owning or investing in goat farming, what you need
now is information, and this training has just the right information you need to go out there and take your own slice of the cake.

So, get excited because taking this course is your first step in the right direction!
Partaking of this huge opportunity will mean:

  • You are well on your way to becoming an informed goat farmer.
  • You have done your goat farming business a favour by positioning it for profitability
  • You can be confident when others pick your brain on matters relating to goats and goat farming.

Having a plan to start a career in goat farming is not out of place considering
the high profit that comes from goat meat, milk, and skin. You can be confident of gaining accurate practical and theoretical knowledge regarding goat farming as our instructors are professionals with field experience. To make your understanding of the course easier, we have divided the course into segments.

The Pro Goat Farmer Training walks you through the different aspects of goat
rearing and how to deal with the challenges associated with it.

The first segment will present a general introduction to goat farming, how to
build as well as manage a goat shed, how to avoid feeding your goats the
wrong diet and how to go about safe feeding in goats.

The second segment will feature the management of reproduction and
breeding in goats, care of the bucks and does and health and nutrition

The last segment will discuss goat health and management as it equips you with the knowledge of how to control parasites, suitable vaccinations for infectious
diseases, management of pregnant does and their babies and finally, goat

At the end of the course, you will;

  • Be acquainted with the basics of profitable goat farming.
  • Be confident to start your own goat farming business.
  • Be equipped with the knowledge of best practices you can introduce into your goat farming business to make it sustainable.
  • Be in the best position to help other goat farmers advance their business.
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Goat Farming
  • Management of Goat Shed
  • Feeding Safety & Hygiene
  • Reproduction and Breeding Management
  • Management of Buck and Doe
  • Health and Nutrition Management
  • Parasite Control and Vaccinations for Infectious Disease
  • Management of kids and pregnant does
  • Selection of Goats
  • Goat Markets
Target Audience

This training course is targeted at all those who are interested in starting or
advancing their own business in goat farming and investors.

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