Plantain Cultivation

Plantain Cultivation


Course Introduction

“Plantain planting is one of the most profitable businesses out there”.

Have you heard this before and would like to tap into this huge business?

Would you like to add plantain farming to your farm business?

Do you want to have a reliable source of income from plantain farming?

Or does your interest lie in investing and watching your passive income grow?

Then, do not miss out on this golden opportunity!

Plantain farming is an easy-to-start venture with mouth-watering benefits. Til date, it remains one of the most consumed produce in Nigeria. And the good thing about this business is that though it does not require you spend much for on maintenance, you can earn non-stop all year round.

It is therefore not out of place to desire to acquire the necessary information
about plantain farming before venturing into this business.

Taking this course will;

  • Help you attain the requisite knowledge you need so you do not start blindly and end up incurring huge losses
  • Give you that all-important edge over your competitors
  • Help you increase the profit and, therefore, attract investors and more workforce for your business.

Our instructors are set to guide you so you can benefit maximally from all that
will be taught throughout the course.

The ‘Rich’ Plantain Farmer Training is aimed at repositioning established plantain
farms and establishing new ones with expert knowledge and practices.
The first part of the course will cover the best strategies in selecting the most
suitable sites for plantain cultivation, how to prepare the field as well as the
appropriate spacing to avoid overcrowding when they begin to mature.

The second part covers the best ways to choose suckers that have high
chances of survival and deciding a suitable time to plant.

The last part of the course explains the detailed concepts of mulching, fertilizing
and control of weeds that can hinder growth and finally, how to harvest
plantain such that the suckers are preserved.

At the end of the Course, you are expected to;

  • Be able to diagnose the problem behind low yield in your previous planting seasons
  • Be able to start your own Plantain farm on the go
  • Record a sharp increase in your yield so far you put what you have learned to use
  • Be able to take others on how to plant Plantain suckers, when to plant, how to fertilize and other nuances of plantain farming.
Course Outline
  • Site Selection
  • Field Preparation
  • Space Management
  • Planting Time and Season
  • Preparing the Suckers
  • Planting
  • Mulching
  • Fertilizing and Weeds Control
  • Harvesting
  • Post-harvest Management
  • Plantain Markets
Target Audience

The course is designed for both young and old; expert or amateur; and small
scale and large scale farmers. It is a must-attend for anyone interested in
increasing their earnings at an exponential rate.

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