Crop Farming

In modern times, crop farming is intensive and involves the industrialized production of crops. At Xtreme Returns Farms, we employ intensive crop farming methods such as agricultural machinery, advanced farming methods as well as necessary farming technology needed to achieve large scale production.

Presently we produce two crops: Maize and Cassava

Maize Farming

Our maize farm is setup on 220 Hectares and this requires the use of mechanized tools especially during planting. Any well drained sandy loam or loamy soil can be used for planting maize. During land preparation, due to the fact that large scale planting is used, the clearing method ensures preservation of the topsoil. Once the land is prepared, the hybrid maize seeds are planted immediately to allow them get ahead of any weeds.

Xtreme Returns Farms uses Oba Super 4 maize seeds, purchased from Premier Seeds Limited.

Upon harvest, the product is packaged into bags and you can purchase from our store.

Cassava Farming

Cassava production is a relatively simple practice. The cuttings of the plant (stems) are placed in trays filled with soil and they turn into big bushes in as little as six months. Without guessing, once the leaves start turning yellow, this is a signal that it’s time to harvest.

The cassava bulbs are then dug from the soil and can be either sold or eaten. Asides the bulbs, the green leaves also double as spices.

We use the TME 419B breed of cassava because of its advantages.

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